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Permanent Makeup Delmar is absolutely the best, more important are the amazing artists who can enhance your characteristics and bring definition back to your facial features.
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Why did I wait so long to get it done?!!
This is a very common phrase I hear after customers get SofTap technique facial tattoo done.
It's environmentally friendly. Every single tool is one time use only, and gets thrown away after procedure is done

Milana Patek,


MRI safe. Our colors don't contain iron.

Painless with no down time. Hand held method allows me to control the depth of skin tissues I'm entering. Therefore no recovery needed!

Results so natural, that even your closest friends won't be able to tell ( until you can't keep a secret anymore how happy you're with the outcome).

SofTap colors don't change into weird orange, blue, violet ( believe me I've seen it all)

It's naturally slowly fading with time, but always same stable shade.

Feathering, hair like strokes makes it look natural and controls intensity of color and fullness of the shape.

Whether you need to add just an outer edge of the brow, create more arch, add in the middle, or draw whole eyebrow, this technique will give you the most naturally looking results



Takes from an hour to two to finish both sides.

Color chart is endless, we can always come up with your unique shade you'd like, by mixing some shades together.

We can always start with softer version till you get used to it and possibly grow it into more defined stage.

Brows are frame of your eyes, lets shape it up so you don't have to worry about length or arch or missing spot.

Areola Enhancement

Borders, spots or full areole procedures available.

And again, it just look so natural and real!


You're step away from stop worrying
if your make up still on, all gone or smeared.
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